* Managing satellite communications resources and being prepared to react in fractions of a minute are critical to optimizing transmission utilization, delivering successful point-to-point service, and point-to-multi-point service.

SAE delivers powerful systems and services to meet demanding needs of satellite operators, audio and video broadcast networks, broadcast news organizations, satellite service brokers, backhaulers, domestic and international full-time circuit providers, and teleport operations.

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In December 2003 we moved offices. Our new location is a modernized 1920's house situated in the historic Bankers Row district of Delray Beach.

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SAE Group, Inc. (SAE-Software Application Engineering) was established in 1985. The Company's original business objective was to provide computer software development and related consulting services for a variety of commercial and governmental service organizations.

In 1986, SAE received its first opportunity in the satellite broadcast industry...

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